Any building maintenance manager will agree, the biggest hurdle involved in replacing their office's worn-out carpeting is not the cost, but rather the inconvenience. Businesses just can't afford unnecessary downtime. How can an office enjoy the fresh look and feel of new carpeting? The answer lies in lift technology.

Schleis Floor Covering has partnered with Renovisions*, the inventors of lift systems replacement. Workstations need not be moved - just lifted with Renovisions' patented jacks. The old carpet is removed and replaced with durable carpet squares. The work is done a section at a time to avoid any inconvenience. Employees are greeted by new carpeting the next morning without any hassle. With lift system technology, installing new carpeting is easy, painless and avoids costly downtime.

Let us "Pull the rug out from under you - you won't feel a thing"!


Rennovations Furniture Lift System