We offer a full array of surface preparation services.

Floor Removal

  • We have a full fleet of flooring removal machinery. Everything from small walk-behind tools for confined areas to large ride-on machines for more open spaces.
  • We can remove all types of existing flooring including ceramic tile.
  • We have the experience and equipment for expert removal of existing adhesives prior to the new installation.

Concrete Grinding

  • Our diamond wheel grinding equipment allows us to remove curled concrete joints, humps, etc to ensure a smooth and flat finished floor.
  • All of our grinding equipment contains dust-collection systems for dry, dust-free grinding.


Shot Blasting

  • If floor profiling is in order, we own numerous shot blasting machines to get the job done.
  • This is especially important to ensure a proper bond for ceramic tile and cement-based underlayment in remodel situations.

Cement-Based Underlayment Application

  • Our installers have the experience and know-how to perform subfloor filling, patching, skimcoting and pouring of self-leveling products.
  • Many of our installers have received Ardex training and certification.

Moisture Barriers

  • Today's fast-track construction schedules can make it difficult to achieve low levels of moisture emission from concrete slabs required of some types of flooring.
  • We have the experience and product knowledge to install both membrane-style and surface coat moisture barrier systems prior to new floor installation.