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Ever feel like most flooring contractors tend to look the same? At Schleis, we have invested heavily in the training and the equipment required to become the absolute best in the industry at the following specialties.

Demo and Grinding

Many of our competitors sub out floor demo and adhesive grinding. Its too important to leave in someone else’s hands. So, we have amassed the equipment and experience to accomplish these critical steps ourselves. Our ride-on demo machines efficiently remove all types of existing flooring.

Instead of covering up adhesives we use our 32-inch planetary diamond grinders to return the surface to a clean concrete substrate. This step is vital to ensure that the flooring manufacturer's warranty remains intact. At Schleis, we don't just cover it up, we do it right.

Moisture Mitigation

As experts in resilient flooring, we have been on the forefront of moisture mitigation from the very beginning. Moisture testing of your slab is included with every project. If those results show moisture levels that are higher than allowed to honor your flooring manufacturer's warranty, we will recommend the most cost effective solution for your project. That solution could range anywhere from a specialty adhesive to an aggressive two-part epoxy based system with a self-leveled top coat.

From an equipment standpoint, we have a huge fleet of grinders to get the slab to the correct profile for any moisture mitigation protocol. We also own a self-leveling pump for the most efficient application of the topping material prior to the installation of your finished floor.

Office Furniture Lifting

Businesses just can't afford unnecessary downtime. How can an office enjoy the fresh look and feel of new carpeting? The answer lies in the lift technology.

Workstations are not moved, just lifted with our custom-made jacks. The old carpet is removed and replaced with durable carpet squares. The work is done a section at a time to avoid any inconvenience.

Employees are greeted by new carpeting the next morning without any hassle. With lift system technology, installing new carpeting is easy, painless and avoids costly downtime.

The Schleis Way
The Best Installers

Schleis Floor Covering is an installation-focused company. Our biggest strength is our installers. Their ability to provide superior service creates value for our customers. All of our installers are skilled union craftsmen who take pride in their work. Our philosphy is simple; hire the best, train them in all aspects of our business, and empower them to provide an exceptional finished product to our valued customers.

The Schleis Way
The Best Equipment

If there is a piece of equipment to make the installation of commercial flooring easier, faster, or safer, we already own it. In fact, unlike most flooring contractors, we don't just own one ride on demo machine and one grinder. We have a fleet of 20 ride on demo machines. We couple that with 20 sets of planetary grinders so we never have to share between jobs. And don't worry about us draining your electrical panel. We bring our own generators or propane-powered equipment so we are ready to roll as soon as we get to your site.